Lullaby Baby.


Lullaby Debora

Hello! My name is Debora Hulskamp and I’m a songwriter, musician and composer living in Voorburg, The Netherlands.

I started creating piano and music-box based Lullabies as a present for my pregnant neighbor. The first time they listened to my Lullabies they both fell asleep before the end of the fifth Lullaby..

While writing, it occurred to me that not much new original Lullabies have been composed on a consistent base since Brahms and Mozart. Ever since the beginning of mankind Lullabies have been a part of our repertoire and their relaxing and sleep-inducing effects have been proven over and over again throughout the ages.

I also found myself I couldn’t stop creating these little gems. So I just keep on composing them and hope to help you, your baby, more neighbors, relax and fall as.. sleep..




Babbling Barrel

Magic Wood

Lullaby Shores


Chocolate Forest

Night Light


Time to Sleep

Waltzing Balloons

Kitty’s Home

Midnight Lullaby

Lazy Frog

Golden Pond

Sleepy Moon

Baby Elephant



- Nighttime Story

- Fall Asleep

- Little Star Up High

- Good Sleep

- Rocking The Cradle

- Sweet Honey Bee


Sleep-inducing and relaxing Lullabies, slaapliedjes, kolysanki, canciones de cuna, nina bobok, berceuses, Schlaflieder, vaggvisor, vuggesanger, suantraí.


- Babbling Barrel

- Magic Wood

- Lullaby Shores

  1. -Fireflies

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